Silicon Valley pt. 1

Come here, come all, to the greatest place on the face of this planet! It’s a place where you can be honest with yourself. A place where you can truly showcase who you are, and fully embrace your deepest, most intimate thought experiments. This is a place where you come to make your dreams come true. This is the epitome of the American Dream. This is Silicon Valley.

These were the openings words to the article Richard read that morning. It was a snowy day in rural Minnesota, and Richard was fresh out of college. He was always something of an outlier in his family. He was never into sports, despite he, himself, having attended a public school with multiple prominent NCAA teams to boast. He was never into music, or popular media, despite his school being the alma mater to some of Hollywood’s greatest. And, he was never into the glamour of Wall Street, despite many of his friends ending up in the big banks you see so often on national TV (usually for the wrong reasons).

Richard was the type of person who memorized the entire Star Wars expanded universe, and worked on crafting the perfect timeline for all canon works in the franchise. He was one who studied the histories of the ancient world, just to find errors in historic films and video games. He was one to study the mechanics of a game so intricately that he could exploit any frame perfect glitches in Nintendo’s catalogue. He was the quintessential “nerd”.

His college colleagues did not take kindly to his strange hobbies. They were the types to have BBQ parties and watch Saturday Night Football. They were ones to take road trips into the woods and set up campfires for the night. They were people who drove around in big ol’ pickup trucks. They were, what many would call, the paragon of the American male. And Richard was not like them.

He had heard of Silicon Valley before. It was a sort of magic wonderland that people kept talking about. Well, at least those around him, anyways. It was supposed to be this magical place, where people like himself were put upon a pedestal, and looked upon with admiration. But, these were stories, no? It was some fantastical representation of a gloomy reality that, at times, showed glimmers of brilliance, was it not? He continued to read the article.

Much like its brother to the south, Silicon Valley, and the San Francisco Bay Area at large, is quickly becoming a Mecca for an entire industry. But this time, it’s one that’ll change the future. Los Angeles may be the city of stars, where people go to pursue wild dreams of Hollywood fame, but Silicon Valley is where people come to pursue dreams of magnitudes so large, it marks a seismic shift in the way we see reality.

Dreams, huh?” He thought. “I’ve got loads of those.”

Moreover, unlike Los Angeles, where you have to have the looks to succeed, or even New York, where your charisma will get your foot in the door, Silicon Valley is more refined in its mannerisms. They look past the superficial here, and cut straight to the heart of it — they see you for who you are, and see your idea for what it’s worth. There’s an integrity about the whole process unparalleled anywhere else in the US, let alone the world.

And he continued reading. On and on, his eyes were enthralled by the text on the pages before him. It was as if the blacks and whites of ink and paper suddenly transformed into the ebony and ivory keys of a grand piano, playing the lush tunes of Chopin, or Beethoven himself. He was spellbound, and he was hooked. He needed a change in atmosphere. He was headed to Silicon Valley.


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