Coincidence. There are many things in the world that can be considered a coincidence. The Chicago Cubs winning the first title in 108 years, in the same year that America elects a man with no political experience into the White House. That’s a coincidence. There’s no correlation between the two. There’s no direct reason the two should have occurred at the same time. But they did anyways.

Much like how two people meet and fall in love. It may be a single coincidence, or maybe a series, but there is no reason for two people to happen to run into each other. It just happens. Some say it’s destiny. Others, fate. I say — coincidence.

But sometimes a coincidence is just what you need. Sometimes a surprise from the unknown can point you in the right direction. When you stumble upon something that peaks your interest, something that makes you want to deviate from the path you’re set on, I say take it. Because it’s a coincidence that you happened to stumble upon that treasure, and the moment will never repeat itself again.

Sure, you may have a goal set in mind, but that goal isn’t going anywhere. You know exactly how to achieve it, if you’ve planned for it all your life. But this coincidence is just a coincidence — ephemeral and fleeting. It’ll never come back, and even if it does, it’ll never be the same.

If you’re reading this right now and are contemplating whether to jump in to the cold water that lies before you, I’d say take the leap. The worst that can happen is the coldness startles you a bit. But what you may find at the bottom of the jump may be infinitely more valuable than being stuck with the lingering thoughts of what if.

Take that hand. See where it can lead you.



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