I am a soldier. I am fighting in a war for which I do not the the cause. I only know that in the event of a successful campaign, I shall be rewarded handsomely. That’s all I know. I know not the motives behind the enemy, nor do I know the justification we’re using to fuel our cause. All I know is this is a war. And I am a mercenary.

A mercenary. One who fights for money. One who’s end goal is, in essence, to profit from someone else’s conflict. This is the impression most people have of us. And I think it’s the wrong impression. It’s simple — which is why most people take this interpretation of this career choice. But we’re all mercenaries. Albeit, to differing degrees.

Who can say the goals of the ones they work for align perfectly with their end goals? Who can say they’re in it for the greater good of their employer? We’re all in it for ourselves. Let’s not kid anyone here. We’re in it for our personal gains. And we’re in it to partake in the treasures of the journey others have set upon.

Don’t look at me from the moral high ground you’ve created for yourself. It’s an optical illusion of our situation. Because I’ve learnt to accept my choices and openly express my personal interests, and you’ve chosen to deny it, despite the facts standing in front of your face. Your job is to be a pawn in your employer’s bigger picture. Your job is to fight this war they’ve started against their competitors. It’s just mine involves a more direct method of taking lives than yours.

There’s no morality to this. It’s just a matter of fact. We’re either bound to start wars or fight them on the behalf of others. We’re born warlords or mercenaries. It’s just the war zones have changed. From the traditional, lead laden, lethal wilderness that is the traditional battle front, to the new, calculating, indirect, scheming front that is the market.

Don’t kid yourself. You’re no better than I am. And deep inside, you know that to be true.


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