Silicon Valley pt. 4

The pace of life was slow. The only thing fast about this place were the top speeds of the cars that littered the streets of this city. That is, if you could even call this a city. And the rate he was clearing his savings was even quicker still. He had managed to find a place, but it wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t in the best of locations, nor was it the most accommodating. But it would have to do.

Thankfully, he managed to secure himself a car in the process, which made getting around much easier. It was a used car he found in the classifieds. It was an ugly one at that, but there was something that drew him to it. It wasn’t the price, nor the badge, but something about it that he couldn’t put into words. At least he wouldn’t have to make awkward conversations with Uber drivers anymore.

That was when he remembered. He pulled the business card from his wallet. It was the Uber driver from his first night in Silicon Valley. He stared at the card blankly for the longest while.

Miles Goodman, Managing Partner

Managing partner. Managing partner? The shock waves rippled down Richard’s spine. Why was a man like that driving an Uber? He opened up his laptop and shot Miles an email.

“Hi Miles,” the email read. “It’s Richard. I doubt you’ll remember, but you picked me up in your Uber when I arrived at SFO. I apologize for the late email. I was just so busy trying to get settled in the area. The good news is I finally have my own place, and my own car! Hope you’re doing just as well! Maybe, when you’re free, we could grab coffee. Let me know!”

He dragged his cursor to send. Before he could click, however, a million thoughts ran through his head. He began to second guess himself. The thoughts were starting to get to him. ‘What if Miles didn’t want me to reach out to him?’ he thought. ‘What if it was an empty gesture? What if…’


His fingers acted before his thoughts manifested themselves. The act was done. Richard let out a sigh of relief. He was a bit worried, but he was thankful it was all out of his hands now. He would just have to wait. He straightened his posture, when something else caught his eye.

It was the invitation he found in front if his hotel door. ‘Let’s see,’ he thought. He checked the date on the invitation. It was for 2 days from now. It was being held at the Rosewood. Where was the Rosewood? He did a quick Google search. ‘Wow,’ he thought. ‘This is crazy. There’s no way I could be invited to this thing.’

He double checked, nay, triple checked the invitation for any names. None. He found none. Was this really meant for him? Or was it lost in transit to its proper, final destination? He had no idea. But, so long as he had an invitation, he might as well go, no? He looked around for his best fitted suit, and took off, in search of the nearest dry cleaners. He wanted to make sure he looked his sharpest.

Over the next two days, he didn’t do anything remarkable. He was still in search of ways to make ends meet, without breaking his bank. He had applied for a few positions at big corporates, mostly to have a steady income while he figured out and refined his idea. He had a couple of interviews, and his portfolio was up to spec. It was as if nothing spectacular would happen. But then 2 days passed, and the day had arrived. It was time to head to the Rosewood.


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