It looks as though spring is in the air. Flowers are blooming, winds are blowing, and people are finding love — whether that be in someone else, or something else, people are finding love. And are being loved. And are loving.

And yet, there’s one person who’s not quite in the celebratory mood. She’s just suffered a heartbreak. She’s lost something she’s held so dear to her. She’s bawling. The tears just won’t stop from her face. She looks decimated.

She used to be in a relationship. She loved him so much that she made the first move. It took years of convincing, but finally, she took, what she thought, was rightfully hers. She was whole at last.

But things turned sour quickly. She, despite her claims, was manipulative, deceitful, and cunning. She used his power and influence to make her wildest dreams come true. But she did so without his knowing. And, rather quickly, she fell for another. Someone, who, may not have been quite as handsome as the first, nor quite as good an influence, but someone who had a charm about him. She felt something for this second man that she never felt before. It wasn’t love. But it was something.

She didn’t want to lose either one of the two men. But she knew the task was beyond her ability. So she enlisted the help of her friend. The two worked meticulously to allow this dangerous love triangle to be sustainable.

As with all tales of deceit and betrayal, the truth had to surface. And, in this case, the result was disastrous. When it became clear she was cheating on him, the first man did everything in his power to inflict damage on her. Unfortunately, during their long, tumultuous relationship, she had built up considerable influence. The man found it difficult to bring her down. But, justice prevailed, and his cache within the community ultimately beat her new found influence. And, soon, she was in shambles.

Having found her in shambles, the second man saw her for who she truly was. She wasn’t in love with him. She felt a much darker emotion — lust. She lusted for him. And he felt disgusted. He quickly turned and left her to, essentially, die. Her friend, her confidant, wasn’t in the clear either. The two were in ruin — winter had decided to stay late for the two.

Lust is a powerful emotion. One, perhaps, more powerful than love. But, it show some common symptoms as its cousin. They both inhibit logic, force irrational decisions, and blurry judgement. But, the most important distinction between the two is that one forces decisions that hurt you, whereas the other forces decisions in your best interest. It may not be apparent at first, but in retrospect, the two are clear. You reap what you sow, so careful in what you plant.


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