Silicon Valley pt. 7

A week past since the incident at Rosewood. A full 2 months since he landed in Silicon Valley. Richard was now completely settled in the area. He had, more or less, a stable job, and had a clear vision of what he wanted to do here. He was leveraging his college major, and wanted to meet engineers who could make his dreams come true. He was envisioning a business — nay, a startup. He wanted to live the Silicon Valley dream.

But his mind was preoccupied constantly with something else. Audrey. She had not contacted him yet. Did she not get his contact from the front desk of the Rosewood? Or did she get it, but didn’t want to see Richard’s ungrateful mug no more? The guilt was only compiling as the days progressed. Richard’s thoughts were racing now. What if she hated him? What if he did something so wrong that it would damage his reputation? Should he find her some other way?


Just at that moment, a chime saved his mind from insanity. It was an email. It was from Gregory. Gregory? Who was that? Richard had never heard of such a name before. He clicked the email open.

Hey Richard!

Sorry that I was so tardy in reaching out! We’ve just been so bogged down at the office, trying to get this deal closed.

I hope you still remember me! I was your Uber driver if you don’t recall!

Would love to have you stop by our offices. I’d like to give you a tour, and a feel for Silicon Valley in general.


Gregory Langley

CEO, Perch Capital

Perch Capital. He clicked the hyperlink, and scoured the site. In an instant, he was taken aback. This was the company in the news for raking in billions from high-profile IPOs from companies like Voltage Motors, Portraiture, and Truncated Dynamics. This was the Venture Capital behind the greatest brands to come from Silicon Valley, and the US at large. This was the name to have as your investor if you wanted make anything of your company.

But why was this man reaching out to him? Richard was remembering everything now. He handed Gregory his old business card from an internship he had back in senior year. Moreover, it was for an unremarkable company. Why was this man reaching out to someone with such lackluster qualifications as him? Moreover, why was he an Uber driver in the first place?

There were so many questions to be had, so many loose ends left to be tied. He replied immediately to the email, and scheduled an appointment to visit Perch.

Tomorrow for lunch. See you soon.

These last words of the correspondences sent shivers down Richard’s back. He felt something big was about to happen. But he couldn’t quite put a finger on it.


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