For Sale

For Sale:

A young, recent grad, with an adventure in lieu of conventional experience

Someone who has experience living out of a suitcase for 6 years, not in the least because furniture is overrated, but also because he’s always been called on, by others, to help them along with their adventure

A natural problem solver, called in to help people solve problems by bringing a whole new perspective to the table, delivering solid results in the process

Someone who has had to wear many different figurative hats, including web designer, video editor, social media coordinator, investment analyst, and even entrepreneur

Someone who knows what it means to be a global citizen, speaking 3 languages, having lived in 4 different countries

Someone who likes an adventure, whether that be a spontaneous road trip across the west coast, or a carefully planned itinerary to Europe

An entrepreneur who knows how to find what needs to be done next, always finding new problems for him to answer

Someone who is always open to chance, because, in the words of Adam Levine, “best laid plans sometimes are just a one night stand”

Someone who has fallen hopelessly in love, and crashed

Someone who’s encountered failure countless times in searching for a career path, including failing auditions to be a singing talent

But someone who’s never given up that search — ever

Because, in the words of Thomas Wayne, “why do we fall […] so we can learn to pick ourselves up”

Someone who did pick themselves up after all those falls, and continues, to this day, search for his next great adventure

Someone who’s lacking conventional experience

Someone who’s always done things the unconventional way

But if asked to go through it all over again, he’d do it in a jiffy

For Sale: A young, recent grad, looking for the next chapter in his adventure





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