Growing Pains

Sam sat on the steps of his porch, looking as far as his eyes could see. The driveway leading to his house stretched all the way to the horizon, saddled on both sides by the golden sea of the hay fields. The colors were further bolstered by the magnificent rays emanating from the sun at its golden hour. The hay danced in the wind, creating the illusion of waves on a golden sea. Sam closed his eyes. He listened to the wind; the slight whistling sounds created as the winds passed through the fields filled his two ears with music. He opened his eyes back up again, his head held on his two hands. He let out a sigh. His eyes looked back at the horizon.

Today was Sam’s 22nd birthday. Or so he thought. He wasn’t sure. He took out his phone and checked the date. September 14th. His phone was flooded with notifications from Facebook, with the plethora of people leaving celebratory remarks on his wall concerning the day. His messenger was also being bombarded with similar remarks. Sam put his phone back in his pocket. Years ago, this would have gotten him all giddy and excited. He would spend hours back then, replying individually to all those messages, making plans for the evening, to make sure he made the most of his time in the spotlight.

He was younger then. Being in the spotlight was natural for him. It was just how the world was for him. He was always at the center of the universe, the center of attention. In elementary school, he was captain of the soccer team; in middle school, he further took up the mantle of the debate team; in high school, he was student body president, and the valedictorian. And that’s how he thought things would be.

Sam reminisced about the good old days. He reached for the pint of bear he had brought with him out to his porch. The sun’s rays danced as they passed through the glass, glimmering, making it look as though the glass was filled with gold. Sam took a sip from the glass. He put it down beside him, and let out a sigh. He leaned against one of the rails on the steps. He closed his eyes. The wind kept blowing. The sun was lower now, and the temperature had dropped noticeably. Perhaps it was time to call it a night.



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