2018.10.14: Arriving in Korea – Again

So, I’m back in Korea. And, no, I’m not just back for a vacation or a trip. I’ve relocated to Korea to take up a new role at a new organization. I’ll refrain from mentioning anything by name, for my sake, and the sake of my new employer, lest anything happen, but I digress.

The video, as you can tell, has no narration. There are certain vocal quips that you may be able to hear, made by yours truly, but nothing that I can claim to be for narrative purpose.

That was a conscious decision I made. I, personally, feel that narration detracts from the experience of viewing a vlog. Moreover, I’m well versed in rehearsed speeches (e.g. pitches), not in candid dialogue. In fact, I find I do my best candid talk through text.

Hence, this entry. I felt that I could express my thoughts a bit better through a blog entry, and that’s what I aim to do in this piece.

Flying Trans Pacific

Let’s be honest, flying is not easy, regardless of distance. But it does seem to get exponentially more difficult with any increase in distance. For example, a flight between New York and Toronto takes about an hour and a half. A flight between Toronto to Vancouver takes about 5 hours. But the Toronto – Vancouver flight doesn’t feel three times more difficult — I’d say it feels 5 times as such.

Part of it, I would presume, has to do with turbulence, pressure, and other things related directly to flying. But, I also have the hunch that a lot of it has to do with us subconsciously trying to balance the time difference between our two destinations.

Allow me to elaborate.

The flight between New York and Toronto take about an hour and a half, and has no time difference between the two cities. This means that you could do as you would normally would, and still be able to adjust to life in the destination city.

Toronto to Vancouver, on the other hand, has a time difference of 3 hours. I know this sounds trivial, but that three hours could be the difference of you being alert for your meetings or not.

It only makes sense that flying the equivalent of 13 time zones will put immense strain on the body. Except, this time around I wasn’t on a direct flight. I was routed through SFO, which made the 13 hour journey a whopping 18+ hours.

Airplane Seats

I didn’t manage to get this on video, but I have a bone to pick with Air Canada and their seats, specifically regarding leg room.

I never, once, had a complaint about leg room on flights. So long as my legs don’t touch the seats in front of me, I’d be happy. I’ve never had any issues with any airline, except for Air Canada, and this time just confirmed my beliefs.

The Asiana flight I embarked on directly after, by comparison, was a delight. Dare I say, it felt like a business class flight (of which I’ve never been on before).

But that’s just my two cents.


There’s just a few things I want to say to close this piece off.

First, Korea, this time around, didn’t feel as alien to me as I had expected it to. Strangely, it felt familiar, almost like home. Perhaps it’s my previous excursion to the country tripping the sentiment, but it’s certainly something that caught my attention this time around.

Second, I stated this vlog and blog series because it’s something that I had regretted theĀ  last time I was in Korea. It’s not every day that a foreigner like myself (even if I’m of Korean heritage) gets to spend such a prolonged period in Korea, and I believe there’s something of value I can provide in logging my experience in video and in writing.

I hope to one day get to adding narrations, or even just recording a selfie video, but the embarrassment I feel is something I’d have to overcome.

All in all, I hope that this series helps someone out in their journey to be something greater.


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